Pueblo People



Marcia Keegan’s life work reveals what few, if any, photographers have ever captured: the reflection in the eyes of the Pueblo people of a scared trust of friendship that is equal to the spectacular beauty of the special and beloved places they have shared with her.

                                          ~ Regis Pecos

Ancient Traditions Modern Lives

By Marcia Keegan

Forward by Regis Pecos

Preface by Joe S. Sando

Marcia Keegan’s photographs celebrate the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, their daily lives, the spirituality that shapes their existence, and the beautiful lands they hold sacred. For Keegan, one of the Southwest’s finest photographers, recording the traditional ways of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico has been a lifelong commitment. She is the only photographer to date who has been allowed to take pictures in all nineteen New Mexico pueblos. Pueblo People takes us inside each of these communities and introduces us, in a unique way, to the personal dimensions of Indian culture.

Presenting 417 color photographs taken over the past thirty years, as well as personal stories and comments offered by Indian friends, Keegan’s book provides a remarkable portrait of the continuity of family, tradition, and culture. Her long-term friendships with the people of the Pueblo communities give her work a unique intimacy and depth. Representing a continuing journal of Keegan’s personal relationship with the Pueblos of New Mexico, the book stands as a tribute to the people of the pueblos, their way of life, and the villages in which they have lived for hundreds of years.

Pueblo People By Marcia Keegan

Forward by Regis Pecos

Preface by Joe S. Sando

417 color photographs, 263 pages, 10 1/2 x 11 1/2 ISBN: 1-57416-000-1 $39.95  (Cloth)