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One must never disturb the joy of one’s mind! Holding on to distress will not help fulfill one’s wishes. Indeed, it will undermine one’s virtues.

                                          ~ Bodhisattvacharyavatara Shantideva

The Spirit of Tibet in the Himalayas

By Marcia Keegan

Edited and Translated by Lobsang Lhalungpa

This beautiful book invites the reader to experience the ancient cultural-spiritual tradition of the Himalayas, which remains vital in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkhim, and Ladakh up to the present day. It offers a selection of verses and sayings of great sages and teachers as well as traditional prayers and songs reflecting the spiritual worldview that is the foundation of everyday life and inspires its rhythms, gestures, and rituals. The wisdom of the ancient teachings is transmitted in simple yet expressive language that encourages reflection. Complementing and subtly echoing the teachings, Marcia Keegan’s sensitive photographs of the peoples and landscapes of the Himalayan Buddhist countries eloquently depict the qualities that make these traditional cultures unique and precious.

About the Author/Photographer: Marcia Keegan, a world-renowned photographer/writer who lives in Santa Fe, has traveled and photographed extensively in the Himalayan Buddhist countries. Following a tour with the Dalai Lama, she published Ocean of Wisdom: Guidelines for Living, a book drawn from his talks and illustrated with her photographs. She is the author of Pueblo People; Mother Earth, Father Sky; and other books exploring the Southwest and Native American culture. A practicing Buddhist, she is an active political supporter of the Tibetans in exile.

About the Editor/Translator: Lobsang Lhalungpa, a Tibetan Buddhist translator and teacher, lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Born in Lhasa, Tibet, he was educated at Drepung Monastery and was a member of the 14th Dalai Lama’s Grand Secretariat at the Potala Palace. In 1947, as a young monk-official, he was sent to India to establish a Buddhist education program in Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Since coming to the West in 1970, he has been teaching Tibetan Buddhism in Canada and the United States.

NOTE: A portion of the royalties for this book will be donated to the Tibet Fund.

The Spirit of Tibet in the Himalayas By Marcia Keegan

Edited and Translated by Lobsang Lhalungpa

97 color photographs, 120 pages, 9-3/16 x 12-1/8 ISBN: 0-940666-75-8

$34.95  (Cloth)

All accumulated wealth is eventually dispersed; What goes up must come down. All meetings end in partings; Every life concludes in death.

~ The Dharmapada (Sanskrit) The Concise Words of Buddha